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The Decluttering Queen’s Freezer Meal Workshop Series – November 2016

Thanksgiving is almost here and so is the busy holiday season.  As our scheduled get more and more full, cooking the nightly dinners can become a huge chore.  Luckily freezer meals are here to lighten the load allowing us to more fully enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

For November, we have some great recipes that cover nearly every type of meal you can think from soups to sandwiches to chicken dump meals.  As a special treat, I have even included a yummy Apple Crisp recipe that you can freeze before hand!  Keep in mind that all our worksheets are 100% editable so please MAKE THEM YOUR OWN!  They are based on a family four so you may want to increase or decrease the amounts as needed for your family size.

Here are the worksheets:

The Decluttering Queen’s Freezer Meal Tip for November

When cooking soups, complete the recipe all the way through. Then simply freeze in a Ziploc bag.  When ready to eat, thaw and heat in a large stock pot.

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