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The Decluttering Queen’s Freezer Meal Workshop Series – August 2017

Updated: May 15, 2020

Free guides to make 16 freezer meals in under 2 hours

August’s menu is a mix of old-school and new recipes.  You can lighten them up by swapping out proteins or adding more vegetables to any of the dishes.  Keep in mind all my worksheets are 100% editable so take out anything you or your family doesn’t like!  They are based on a family of  four so you may want to increase or decrease the amounts needed for your individual family size.

Here are the worksheets:

16 Freezer Meals in under 2 hours!

The Decluttering Queen’s Freezer Meal Tip for August

It’s time to go old-school, folks!  Instead of always turning to the online world for recipe ideas, try looking up some new ones in actual cookbooks.  My own local library has literally hundreds of cookbooks on everything from low-carb cooking to Indian cuisine.  I even found some great freezer meal options. Better yet, make some memories by having your mom or grandmother show you how to whip up some of those loved family classics.   See if you can turn them into a freezer meal.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of my family favorites in this month’s workshop.

Family cookbooks are the BEST!



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