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How to Stay Motivated While Stuck Inside

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I don’t know about you but I am going STIR CRAZY these days. It doesn’t matter how much of an introvert you are, we all need to get out in public at least a little bit. I think that’s what is making being stuck at home so hard. Even if we wanted to, we can’t go outside.

While some may be embracing this time to lounge or binge watch their favorite show, I have seen it as an opportunity to accomplish things I never seem to get to.

Those things which always get put at the bottom of “to-do list”….. AKA things I “wish” to do but never actually get done.

For some reason, I have felt the desire to move forward, to create, to put those intentions into action.

Have you found yourself feeling the same way? If so, it’s time we both get on it!

It can be tough to stay motivated when the days are endless and you’re stuck inside.

Here are FIVE tips on how to stay motivated from home:


Before you can be motivated to do something, you have to clarify two things:

1. What that “something” is

2. What the first step is to move the project forward

Defining the "something" and the first step is best done by putting pen to paper. Yes, real paper. Set aside the phone and the virtual tools and go old school to set your intention.

An intention is what defines your desired result. Your goal. A great way to set your intention is by defining three things you want to accomplish for the day.

These three things should all help you get one step closer to a completed project. They can be big or small. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that they are meaningful and necessary to reach the finish line.

Just like the act of setting your intention is important, so is when you do it. It is not very helpful to start this step at 2 pm in the afternoon. I find it best to complete this the night before. If that doesn’t work for you then I suggest first thing in the morning.


This sounds hokey, doesn’t it? But stick with me here. I have found that a single phrase can completely change your attitude. And attitude is everything especially when it comes to self-motivation.

Repeat your own mantra many times throughout the day to keep yourself going.

Here are some on motivation and productivity:

- “Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.”

- “Every day is a fresh start.”

- “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

- “Work is the best way to get working.”

- “All you need to do is the next right step.”

Sometimes a few words CAN change everything.


Mathematician Sir Isaac Newton shared these wise words with us nearly 400 years ago…. “An object in motion tends to remain in motion.” Could the we be the “object”? I believe so. Sometimes all you need to get started is a small, first movement.

How to take a first step? I dare you to put on your thinking cap and contemplate what your next best move is. Don’t think too big. Just start small.

Starting small could be the most simple thing that gets the ball moving. But it must be something and not nothing.

It may even be helpful to look at a project as a series of “first” steps. Just doing the next right thing can turn confusion into clarity.


Now that you set your intention and defined your goal, it’s time to speak life into your plan.

I truly believe that our belief that a desired result will be reached matters. It is a critical factor in whether we enjoy success or failure. We need to believe to achieve.

What better way to speak life into our ideas than to share them with others? Yes, tell your husband, your friend, your mom, anyone who will listen about your intentions and goals.

Letting others in on the plan can also give you a sounding board for feedback and other ideas you might not have thought of.


When trying to accomplish anything from home, you have to give yourself GRACE. You will have setbacks. You will have days when the lack of motivation is real and palatable.

So how do you navigate these situations?

It starts by first knowing ahead of time that you will have failures. One bad day is just that… one bad day. It doesn’t take away from all you have already done.

These setbacks are often far worse in our mind than reality. Times like these require us to treat ourselves with kindness.

We also need to schedule in play time. These are pockets throughout the day in which we can do something we enjoy without thinking about it’s outcome or it’s level of productivity. Put simply, take time every day to enjoy your hobby.

You may even choose to use these play times as rewards for hitting certain benchmarks throughout. They can be the perfect carrot to keep the motivation levels high and the output steady.


During this time of uncertainty, it may seem pointless to try to accomplish any goals. But don’t let this thought fool you.

Setting goals, accomplishing daily small steps, speaking life into your dreams MATTER.

Not only will the end result be worth it, but the good energy and feelings you create while achieving them can keep you sane (maybe even happy) while stuck inside.

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