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The Decluttering Queen’s Freezer Meal Workshop Series – February 2017

I am so excited for February 2017’s freezer meal workshop!  I tried to step outside my comfort zone and include some different type recipes than the standard ground beef casseroles and crockpot stews.  Salmon, vegetarian stuffed green peppers and even a little Jamaican flavor will be found in this month’s packets. 

For February, you will enjoy 20 fun and different freezer meals to try.  Some are made in the crockpot and others are simply placed in the oven. One thing I can promise is that they won’t be boring!  Keep in mind all my worksheets are 100% editable so please take out anything you or your family doesn’t like!  They are based on a family four so you may want to increase or decrease the amounts as needed for your individual family size.

Here are the worksheets:

10 recipes - 20 meals plus bonus protein ball recipe. Pin now, read later!

The Decluttering Queen’s Freezer Meal Tip for February

Make sure to label and date everything you make…. every time.  Most freezer meals have a shelf life of around six months.  A simple black Sharpie can be used on freezer bags, tin foil and more.  If you prefer a reusable container such as Pyrex, buy some handy labels like the ones below. They can be written on and taken off once you’ve used the meal!


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