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The Decluttering Queen’s Freezer Meal Workshop Series – December 2016

You’d think the holiday season would be the worst time to plan a freezer meal workshop but it can actually one of the best things you accomplish this month.  Having extra meals on hand for those busy nights help you stay sane during a hectic time of year.  Who doesn’t want to come home to a warm, delicious home-cooked meal after a cold day shopping for gifts or chopping down a Christmas tree?

For December, we have some delish recipes that get down to the basics of home cooking.  Chicken pot pie.   Stuffed shells.  A rustic chicken stew.  All this month’s recipes will warm your heart and your home.  I also added a homemade version on PB&J ‘s for the freezer.  This will make my son’s school lunches much more exciting since he loves Uncrustables!  Keep in mind that all our worksheets are 100% editable so please MAKE THEM YOUR OWN!  They are based on a family four so you may want to increase or decrease the amounts as needed for your family size.

Here are the worksheets:

The Decluttering Queen’s Freezer Meal Tip for December

The double wrapping method is the best. Whenever I freeze casseroles I always use the double wrapping method.  First, I make the casserole in an 8×8 disposable pan.  I then wrap the pan entirely with plastic wrap.  I then wrap it again using aluminum foil.  Finally, if possible, I place the pan in a one-gallon freezer Ziploc bag.  This is a great way to prevent freezer burn.  Just make sure to remove the plastic wrap and put the foil back on if needed before baking.

Freezer Meal Double Wrapping Method


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