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How to Make a Felt Christmas Tree

Updated: May 27, 2020

The minimalist in me loves three things: simple craft projects, simple toys and simple Christmas decorations. This DIY felt Christmas tree is all of those things and more.  It is an easy project to do, kids love it, and it makes a for a colorful, yet, simple Christmas decoration.

How to Make a Felt Christmas Tree

Not only was I able to put it together in less than an hour but my kids absolutely love placing ornaments on their “tree” – even the 7 yr. old! I made this version last season. Putting it back up again this year reminded me why I adore DIY projects.

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Skill Level: Easy

Cost: $

Cuteness Level: Off the Charts


  1. A large green felt piece (tree) – measuring 3′ tall by 2′ wide

Felt Christmas Tree Supplies
  1. Small felt squares in different colors (ornaments). Here is a link to a product that comes with 50 pieces total and with lots of colors.

  2. A good fabric scissors – I use this one: Fiskars Easy Action Bent Scissors

  3. A cup (for tracing a circle – you could also use cookie cutters)

  4. A ruler


Step 1: Make Your Tree Lay out your large green felt piece with the front face-down.  Fold the fabric in half so when you trace and cut your tree it will be a mirror image on the other side.  Free-hand the tree using the Sharpie (This step took me a bit, I kept tracing and not liking my results. Keep drawing until you like what you see – remember no one will see the back!).  Cut out the traced tree (while it’s folded) and set aside.

How to Make a Felt Tree

Step 2: Cutting Your Ornaments This step was the most time-consuming.  Lots of tracing and cutting. Free-hand a star and bulb ornament using your Sharpie.  Cut them out and use them as your template for the other ones.  Use a cup to trace and cut a circle ornament.  Repeat until you have all the ornaments you need.  Using the leftover pieces of felt, cut long strips to create some striped ornaments.

Step 3: Cutting Your Presents Cut out squares and rectangles of different shapes.  I made four “presents” for my tree.  Cut strips or polka dots or a bow to place on your presents.  I drew the bow on the pink and purple present free-hand on the back and then cut it out.  I also made other bows by wrapping one piece around another and hot-gluing it together.

How to Make Felt Presents & Ornaments

Step 4: Assembling your Ornaments and Presents Get your glue-gun warmed up! Lay the long strips of cut felt onto the ornaments and presents you want to decorate.  It’s ok if the strips hang off the side; we’ll trim them later.  Adhere the pieces by placing a thin line of glue onto the ornament and then pressing the strip on.  Once cooled, turn your ornament over and trim the excess felt from the edges.

Steps to Make a Felt Ornament

Step 5: Hanging Your Tree Position small 3M mounting squares around the tree. I used fourteen of them. Remove the backing of each square.  Find a good spot for your tree – somewhere your kids can get to easily.  Place the felt Christmas tree just a couple inches from the floor – you want them to be able to reach the top of the tree (to put the star on top, of course).  Press the tree firmly against the wall so it adheres well.  I did have a little paint come off when I removed it but the damage was minor – nothing a little touch-up paint couldn’t fix.

How to Mount Felt Christmas Tree

Tips You Should Know:

  1. I purchased two pieces of large green felt.  I didn’t like my first tree and ended up cutting another one.

  2. I first considered adhering Velcro to the back of the ornaments to make them really “stick” but the felt is enough. Don’t add another step if you don’t have to.

  3. My one year old started to pull strips off the striped ornaments the second year around. I just threw those pieces away.

  4. Make sure to buy a yellow piece of felt so you can make a yellow star for the top.  Or better yet… yellow glitter felt!

  5. Store your ornaments and presents in a Ziploc baggie when not in use.

  6. Have fun when you make this…. don’t worry to much about the shapes or proportions or the end result.  Your kids will love it regardless… I promise.

  7. A felt Christmas tree makes for a great, thoughtful gift too.

Child Playing with Felt Christmas Tree

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