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The BEST Consumable Gift List for the Whole Family

Updated: May 1, 2020

I read a lot of minimalist blogs and articles… A LOT!  And around Christmas time they all jump on the “give an experience” bandwagon.

Now, don’t get me wrong, gifting experiences is wonderful and something I do often.  But sometimes it’s just impractical or just not feasible.  Or maybe your loved ones don’t want to give tickets to a concert or passes to the movies.  Maybe they WANT to give presents.  Let’s embrace their love language rather than seeing it as an annoyance.  A consumable gift is a great way to live simply yet still enjoy the season of giving!

2017 BEST CONSUMABLE GIFTS for the whole family!

Obviously there are times when gifting goes above and beyond what is necessary.  You can have those discussions as warranted. BUT for the typical grandma asking “What would your kids like for Christmas?” requesting consumables is a great way to keep the clutter to the minimum while still allowing them the joy of gifting!

So what is a consumable?  By definition a consumable is

Con-sum-a-ble: an item intended to be used up and then replaced

I LOVE consumables because they offer hours of enjoyment yet you don’t feel the need to keep them lying around for years to come. Consumables are universal – you can find great options for every type of hobby, lifestyle, age.  And they are a wonderful way to see that sparkle in your child’s eye when they open a GREAT present!

Here is a list of my BEST consumable gift ideas for everyone in the family!

2017 BEST CONSUMABLE GIFTS for the whole family!

What would you add to the list?

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