20 Cute & Tidy Playrooms

Toys, toys and more toys! I don't know about you, but there is never a shortage of toys in my house. And the play areas seem to always be in disarray.

Every day is a never ending cycle of:

- child dumps toy bin

- child play for 5 seconds with toy

- child finds something new and shiny

- playroom looks like it was hit by a tornado

- parent picks up toys

Can you relate?

I work with many clients that are tired of this cycle of destruction. Like literally drop dead tired from picking up all day. Now of course we can discipline our children to help. This is a great place to start. But you can also create a space that is easy to keep organized and tidy. How you set up the room can make a world of difference in how simple it is to maintain.

If you want to make your playroom more conducive to organized chaos rather than straight-up mayhem, check out these twenty cute & tidy playrooms. It's sure to inspire any exhausted mom or dad!

Found on: Project Nursery

I personally love to see toddlers able to express their creativity and imagination.  I love to see them doing art and crafts, pushing Matchbox cars, or just running around. And I am tickled pink when they can do it in a calming and welcoming space. So hopefully the list below will inspire all of that!

This post was started with a ton of Pinterest research on simple playroom spaces. I found many more ideas so if you are looking for more inspiration check out my

Pinterest board on playrooms. To start reducing the amount of stuff in your playroom, be sure to read my post on how to declutter toys.

Quick Organization Tips

Before we get started, let me give you a refresher on how to create an organized and simple playroom space:

1. Measure spaces. Know what size cubbies you need before you go to the store. Measure toy sizes and room space for a perfect fit.

2. Use bold and fun colors. But only if you want to! They definitely make things more fun.

3. Make toys easy to put away. Parents don't want to be putting away toys all the time! Make storage accessible for all your kids.

4. Sort by kind. Keep like items together whenever possible.

5. Use wipe-able and stain resistant materials. The space will get messy so rather than stressing out make sure everything is wipe-able. The easier to clean the better.

6. Consider durability. Kids can be rough and tough on furniture. Make sure you buy storage options that are durable.

7. Find the right sizes. Kids need a lot of space to move and spread out their "stuff." Large tables and oversized rugs can help them feel like they can explore and play without boundaries.

8. Utilize double duty storage. Storage that serves double duty as furniture is not only functional but also smart.

9. Label your storage. This makes it easier for you and the kiddo's to find what they need. And put things away.

10. Break-up rooms into "zones." Use clever storage and decor to break the room into different zones for different kinds of play. Think craft space, reading nook and building area.

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20 Cute & Tidy Playroom Ideas

1. Gray & White Playroom

Hands down the best organization furniture you will ever use is the cubby system. This room is a great example of that. I like how they paired the white shelves with the white baskets. And the baskets have handles making them perfect for little hands to grab.

Found on: Home and Hallow

2. Built-in Shelf System

Built-in shelves are so beautiful especially when they are painted white. And I can't even handle the Play-doh display in this one. I'm not sure it's practical but pretty nonetheless.

Found on: The Home Edit

3. Leaning Shelf System

Leaning shelves are a great option for smaller spaces or where you just want more room to explore. For playrooms, choose ones with wooden boxes on the bottom rungs like these. Or buy a basic leaning shelf and use wicker baskets at the bottom.

Found on: The Land of Nod

4. Labels, Labels, & More Labels

If you have a Cricut, pull it out and make these cute vinyl labels today! I prefer the Siser heat transfer vinyl but really any type will work. Follow the link to the Just a Girl & Her Blog post for the exact settings she used to make the transfers.

Found on: Just a Girl and Her Blog

5. Colorful Rainbow Design

If you like color, this is the room for you. Separating the shelving by using specific colors for each row makes the bright colors easier for the eye to absorb. You can paint your own using these type of shelves. And here's some cute rainbow decor.

Found on: The Baby Hamper Company

6. A Minimalist Playroom

I just love how this room screams "simplicity." It's not overly stuffed or filled to the brim. Just a breath of fresh air to see this space. Plus the small canvas baskets are great for creating storage that makes it easy for kids to put the toys away.

Found: Kitchen Decora

7. Clean Craft Closet

Markers and pipe cleaners and paint, oh my! Craft storage can get messy. But these wipe-able glass and acrylic containers make clean up so much easier. Plus they are see-through letting all the colors of the different materials really shine through.