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Eric’s Space: A Functional, Guy-Approved Closet

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I was so blessed to be able to help my little bro, Eric, over the weekend to create a guy-approved closet that is both functional and clean.  I have always admired his sense of style so going through his clothes was fun. In the end, Eric got rid of nearly 130 things, gained some much needed space and filled his closet with only the things he loved.

A Guy-Approved Closet

Eric’s Guy- Approved Closet Game Plan

When we began on Eric’s closet, we started by brainstorming his objectives for his guy-approved closet space.

Our objectives were:

  1. He has a disability that makes him unstable at times. Everything needed to be easily accessible.

  2. He wanted the closet to only include things that fit him well.

  3. He wanted his closet to look great.

The Organization Process

We were able to accomplish all these tasks and more in just a couple hours.  I had Eric begin with what I have all my clients do: Remove everything from the closet. This is a must for me and when I say everything…. I mean everything.  We dumped it all on his bed and got to work.

We sorted items and hung the ones he wanted to keep right away.  Others went into a donate pile and some straight into the trash.  He recently changed clothes sizes so we spent a lot of time checking the tags of items.  We also organized his paperwork into a small file container he can keep on the floor of the closet.

With Eric’s disability, everything needed to be accessible and easily reached.  We kept things off the very top shelf and used totes to store things like underwear and socks (had my little bro sort his own underwear though!).  We also didn’t cram too much in so he could put away clean clothes easily.

Eric wanted to try the Project 333 where you only have 33 items to wear including shoes and coats.  He ended at an amazing 38 items which I was super proud of him for.  We also found a spot on the floor to store his braces and a place above to put exercise equipment and seasonal items such as swim trunks.

A Little Family Fun

My son, Lucas, also helped with the process which made for a fun family event. Eric even gifted him an Emoji pillow which he loves.  Me?  I got these awesome Pikachu glasses. SCORE! 

It was great doing it together as a family and using some good ‘ole teamwork skills to make Eric’s closet guy-approved and oh-so functional.  He is off to a great start for 2017!

Family Decluttering Project







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