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The Procrastinator’s Guide to Decluttering the Home

Are you a natural-born procrastinator?  If so, starting any type of decluttering project can seem daunting.  And sticking it through to the end can feel downright impossible.  You may begin with good intentions but find yourself slowing down as you go along.

There are many reasons why procrastinators find decluttering their home a difficult process to undertake.  First, it can be hard to stay on track.  Daily to-do’s can be demanding, even overwhelming at times.  When kids, work commitments, or just plain life take over, our other goals often take a back seat.  Many procrastinators also get frustrated with their lack of a sense of “progress”.  I often hear the words “I feel so far behind” or “I’m so off track there is no way I can recover”.  Don’t fear!  It is never too late to pick up the pieces and give it another shot.

Here are a few tried and true decluttering strategies every procrastinator needs to know:

  1. If it’s difficult for you to find the time to declutter, schedule the task into your calendar to stay on track. You may want to keep it on the same time or date.  Or you can look at the coming week and pencil in pockets of time here and there.  No amount is too little.  Even fifteen minutes of work can make a huge difference when done repeatedly.

  2. Don’t feel like you need to declutter every space in your home. Pick the room or spaces that are most important to you.  The rest can be handled at a later time.  It is so much easier to work through a few rooms than tackle the overwhelming task of your entire home.

  3. Feel like you are constantly standing still in your progress? If so, it’s because you probably are. Our home is filled with millions of distractions from dirty laundry piles to the latest Netflix series.  Take time to accomplish your most important decluttering tasks first before doing anything else.  Constantly sidetracking to do other things not only costs you valuable time but can also take away the necessary energy to finish the job.

  4. Those with good purging skills know that the key to success is to always be prepared. When we don’t have a place to put items we want to donate, sell or toss, our spaces quickly become even messier than when we started.  To ensure you are always prepared to work, keep empty boxes and bins on hand for items you want to donate, sell or toss. 

  5. Commit to regular upkeep. Even if you remove every extra thing from your home, items will soon creep back in unless you establish new habits to control the intake.  Some people prefer the one in/one out rule.  Others go through things seasonal. I personally go through each of my children’s toys and clothes twice a year – once before their birthdays and once before Christmas.  It allows us to remove the excess to enjoy new presents that will be entering our home.

If you are a procrastinator, don’t give up hope that you, too, can complete a successful decluttering of your home.  By applying a few simple strategies to the process, you can accomplish this tough task more quickly than you every thought possible!  Once you’re done make sure to celebrate your success and enjoy the freedom that comes with a more organized and cleaner space.

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