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The Messy Girl’s Cleaning Guide

One thing I have realized helping others declutter is that what a clean house looks like is different for everyone. Some prefer a completely spotless home while others don’t mind a few cobwebs and dust bunnies. In fact, they may even prefer them.

If you have been anywhere near Pinterest lately, you have probably seen dozens of guides promising to help keep your home clean.  Some are so unrealistic that they make me chuckle.  Seriously, who has time to clean their door knobs and baseboards every week?  And who would even want to?

It’s time for messy girls to get their own guide to match their unenthusiastic approach to cleaning.  One that offers the bare minimum on what has to get done to keep a home presentable.  Don’t want to spend hours a week cleaning?  Have more important things to do than scrub toilets?  Don’t mind a little dirt?  If you answered “Yes” to all these questions than this is the guide for you.

One word of advice though….. never leave dirty dishes in your bedroom, messy girl!

The Messy's Girls Cleaning Guide

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