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Super Simple Storage Tip – DIY Medicine Cabinet Organization

How do you store your medicines?  If you are The Decluttering Queen, you find a solution that is not only functional and easy but also super affordable.  This DIY medicine cabinet is the perfect answer to all of your medicine storage headaches.

Best Way to Organize Medicines

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How to Make Your Own DIY Medicine Cabinet

For my home, I use a three drawer storage cube similar to this to keep track of aspirins, band-aids and thermometers.   There are three categories I used:

  1. First Aid – band-aids, anti-bacterial ointment, gauze

  2. Baby & Kid care – pain relievers, thermometers, cough syrups, teething gel

  3. Adult care – aspirin, prescriptions, heart burn medicine, allergy medicine, vitamins

Once I separated the items into the three drawers, I used this Brothers label maker to print small labels to place on each drawer.  Yes, you may remember what’s inside without them, but I love having them there for babysitters or when I need to send the oldest up for what I need.

Now here’s the key to keeping all that medicine wrangled in…. only keep what fits inside the drawers. If it all doesn’t fit, you probably have too much stuff and need to check those meds for expiration dates!  You may also want to place those super-sticky medicines that always seem to leak out somewhere else where they can sit upright.  When using this storage, most bottles will need to be place on their side to fit in the drawers.

What I love most is that you can easily empty the drawers out to clean them.  It also offers a cleaner look rather than having a million bottles lining your bathroom counter.  And you can place the cube safely out of reach of any little curious minds!

Let me know if you try out this method and how it worked for you!








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