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My Top 3 Tips for Decluttering Any Room

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

One of the biggest problems I see when people begin decluttering is that the mess in one room simply gets moved to another space.  And they get frustrated as “stuff” begins to accumulate everywhere. Basically they feel worse off then before they started.

This happens for one simple reason – they didn’t set themselves up for success. Starting the process with a few simple strategies will ensure you achieve the clean space you want.  Here are my three top tips for decluttering any room in the home.

Tip #1 – Always have a donate box, garbage bag & “other box” ready to go.

You need a dedicated place to put all the items you are removing. So what goes inside each?  Well, the donate box is pretty straight forward.  Anything being sent to your favorite charity.  Make sure to set breakables separate so they don’t get damaged in the process.  Also consider using totes for larger items.  You can bring them to your charity, unload the items and take the totes home with you to use again.  The garbage bag is for anything that is refuse… stained clothes, empty pens, you get the idea.  You should also have a paper bag nearby for recyclables and another for paperwork that needs to be shredded.  The “other” box is for those things that don’t fall into the first two categories.  Items that need to be returned to others, something that belongs in another room, an item you want to sell.  You could even place things you are not sure about in here until you make a decision.

Tip #2 – Touch Everything… and I mean EVERYTHING

I never realized the importance of touching every item is when decluttering the home until I tried it out.  It is so easy to casually say that everything in a particular drawer or bin or closet is a “keeper”.  By taking them out and touching each piece, you unleash the ability to careful consider each one individually.  It forces you to take the time and energy to carefully consider what you allow to take up space in your home.  Whether it is scraps of fabric or the pens in a desk touching each item will allow you to let go of more things than you ever thought possible.  It also ensures that you are fully-embracing the decluttering process.  Why not do it right the first time around?

Tip #3 – Take Every Item Out of the Space

Clean Closet with Shelving

Whether you are cleaning a closet or a kitchen drawer taking everything out of the space when decluttering is one of the keys to true success.  It allows you to see the wide-open space that there… to enjoy it and even relish in the emptiness and possibilities it presents to you.  Removing all items also forces you to careful consider each item you put back.  Do all those books fit into the space available?  Which ones can be eliminated so you can have the room necessary to enjoy the ones you are keeping?  Lastly, taking every item out allows you to reconfigure how you use the space.  Making it work for your everyday is one of the best ways to enjoying long-term clutter-free success.

Before you begin decluttering any room, start by reviewing these three tips.  They will help you achieve the simple, clutter-free space you had hoped for!

What are your best tips for decluttering?  Make sure share them below!

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