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Minimalism and Becoming a Mom – What You Really Need for Baby

Updated: May 28, 2020

One thing I have realized as I’ve aged is that there are about a million and one ways to raise a child. And, best of all, there is no perfect formula. We, as parents, can each decide what works best for us and our children.

As a mother of three, I have learned along the way what my personal right “fit” is for welcoming a newborn into the home. What this looks like with my third child is much different than what it looked like with my first. I have realized that living simply with baby is so much easier.

That’s why I am writing this post….. to show new moms wanting a more minimalistic lifestyle what they actually need for baby. But it’s not for everyone.

You may want a big ‘ol diaper bag or the bouncy chair or the bottle warmer…. and that’s OK. What this post shares is what I’ve found to work best for mom’s on the go and those that want to keep it simple!

Baby One – 2009 – 27 years old

My first son Lucas was such a blessing – less than a year after I was married. We lived in the crappiest apartment with the tiniest rooms. His nursery was also my office (I worked from home) and a craft room. Yet I still desired the large crib, the big diaper bag, and all the other gear. Luckily I was gifted or bought secondhand much of what I needed.

I also used (and continue to use) a changing table and personally love them. Along with it, I use the Diaper Genie pail and refills. I personally recommend this Diaper Genie.

The bottle warmer and wipe warmer I registered though never even made it out of their boxes. I realized with Baby One that little ones grow fast and they grow out of clothes and gear quickly.

Baby Two – 2014 – 33 years old

By baby number two, I was much more wise to this whole baby game. I was trying to live a simpler and healthier life. I replaced my stroller for a jogging stroller and my crib for one that was smaller and less bulky. I also opted for a Thirty-One backpack over the standard diaper bag. Since I breastfed, I really only used one bottle – one I received as a free sample in the mail. Yes, I only needed one bottle.

I learned that minimalism isn’t about going for the cheapest of everything. It’s actually the opposite – it means choosing to focus your time, energy and money on that which matters most. For me that meant a great jogging stroller (so I could keep up with my new fitness schedule) and investing in breastfeeding bras that actually fit (mom’s need to feel good too). This Graco jogger is similar to the one I used and absolutely LOVED it!

I also began using a sound machine so that baby could sleep while her loud, older brother was running around the house. My ultimate lifesaver was the Fisher Price Rock w/ Me Bassinet. This is an essential for any new mom and I would highly recommend checking them out here!

Minimalist Mommy Baby Checklist

Would you add anything to the list?

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