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Introducing the Freezer Meal Friday Series and a 22 Meal Workshop for September

One of the biggest requests I get from other moms is how to make dinnertime more simple. Decluttering isn’t just about removing stuff from the home; it’s also about enjoying a stress-free, easy meal routine. Meal planning and freezer meal workshops have been the best way for me to manage the hectic task of feeding my family of five.

Introducing The Decluttering Queen's Freezer Meal Workshop

Introducing The Decluttering Queen’s Freezer Meal Friday series

The first Friday of every month I’ll be sharing with you everything you need to make our own freezer meal workshop. Each post will include: a grocery list, assembly list, and cooking list. Along the way, I will share my top tips on making your meals a success.

Let’s Get This Party Started with….

Freezer Meal Workshop #1 – September 2016

September 2016 Freezer Meal Workshop - 22 Meals

This workshop features nine different recipes and 22 meals. Since the hubby and I are going “low-carb” many of these recipes are protein and veggie based with a couple pasta and potatoes dishes thrown in for good measure. The portions are best suited for a family of five so you may want to adjust based on your unique needs.

Here are the worksheets:

The Decluttering Queen’s Freezer Meal Tip for September

Rather than using store-bought cream of chicken soup make your own!  The DIY version I use is delicious and isn’t filled with those not-so-tasty chicken bits.  Here is the recipe I use: Cream of Soup Substitute

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