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How to Organize a Bathroom

A messy bathroom is one of the most common problems my clients in Appleton and Oshkosh ask for help with. Dozens of shampoo bottles; over-full drawers and countertops. These can both be a sign that you need some bathroom organization in your home.

While the initial effects of a disorganized bathroom are minimal when left unaddressed it can start to make you late for the day or even cause unnecessary stress.

Fortunately taking a little time and attention along with a proactive approach to bathroom organization can keep the typical problems associated with a messy bathroom at bay.

A disorganized bathroom can lead to a number of problems both physically and mentally:

· It becomes more difficult to get ready every morning

· People often buy excess toiletries because they can’t find what they need

· Time is wasted moving things and looking for what you need

· Often people with disorganized bathrooms are more frazzled and stressed

While a few extra bottles of shampoo may not be of concern when first noticed, it is important to address these problems right away especially for those living in Oshkosh, Appleton and the entire Fox Cities.

Many of these early signs lead to larger problems over time. Constant procrastination on tidying and cleaning, even if minimal, slowly builds and builds until the surfaces begin to become unusable.

Once this happens, homeowners reach the point of no return and often feel helpless in changing the situation. This is why it’s so important we take a proactive approach to bathroom organization.

Here are a few smart tips for organizing bathroom:

- Start any decluttering session by clearing everything out of the cupboards and drawers. This may seem cumbersome but it truly is the first step in creating a lasting result. Don’t forget to grab everything out of the shower area too!

- One of the simplest ways to handle under the sink organization is to use a wire shelving rack. They are great for maximizing your cupboard's height and creating additional storage space. A good basic one to try is the DecoBros Expandable Shelf.

- Use baskets or bins to store bulky items like larger shampoo bottles and body washes.

- Clear, acrylic drawer dividers such as this 23-piece set on Amazon can be one of the best solutions to store makeup, hair ties, toothbrushes and more. Measure the height of your drawers to make sure they won’t to be too tall.

- Try to keep the counter top as minimal as possible. Clear out what you can so you have room in the drawers and cabinets to store everything. And don’t be afraid to let the excess go!

At The Decluttering Queen, we offer many home organization services including those to address bathroom troubles. From in-person consultations to virtual sessions, we have the expertise needed to help those in the Fox Cities and beyond.

As the leading organizer in the Appleton and surrounding areas, The Decluttering Queen is a trusted partner for homeowners looking to get their space in order.

Whether you are in a one-bedroom apartment or a sprawling estate, visit our website to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today!

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