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How to Finally Tackle Your Craft Stash

Are your closets overflowing with half-finished craft projects? Yeah, me too. Crocheting, jewelry-making, scrapbooking, painting….. the list goes on and on. The worst part is us, crafters, we love them all.

I am a big scrapbooker.  Some say scrapbooking is a dying art form but I am determined to keep it up.  The problem is that I have turned more into a scrapbook collector than an actual scrapbooker.  I love buying new supplies.  Maybe they represent the possibilities I have for a new beautiful page.  Or maybe I just simply like all the pretty papers and stickers.  The problem with collecting though is that it bears little fruit.

It was time to start enjoying all the lovely baubles I had collected.  It was also time for me to relish in the actual process of creating something beautiful.  In the end, isn’t that truly what crafting is all about?  I realized a major craft declutter session was necessary.  I cleared out the excess and made room for only those things I would use and love.  Along the way, I learned a lesson or two about letting go.  Below I share with you some of best tips:

10 Ways to Simplify Your Craft Room

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