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Hospitality Lessons from a Pineapple

Ever feel embarrassed to have guests over because your home is untidy? Or maybe you find yourself cleaning for days just to host a simple birthday party? Welcoming guests can be stressful when you feel the clutter weighing you down.

In fact, many people isolate themselves because they are too embarrassed to have others over.  Depression and loneliness can quickly creep in further exacerbating the problem.  It’s time to release yourself from this burden.  To enjoy the freedom and joy that comes with being the host rather than the guest.  Welcoming people into your little part of the world.  But how do you get there?  Maybe take a lesson from a pineapple….

Hospitality Lessons from a Pineapple

Have you ever wondered how pineapples made their way into modern day decor?  They actually have a rich history that other fruits would be jealous of.  It was Christopher Columbus who was thought to have first discovered the fruit in Guadeloupe in 1493.  Over the centuries the pineapple became a delicacy of the European elite brought out for special occasions to welcome guests into their home.

Since those historic origins, the pineapple has become a symbol for hospitality, generosity and warmth – the very same things many of us strive for in our life.  Much like the pineapple signified reverence for a royal’s guests, we, too, should respect and appreciate those we welcome into our home.  The lost of art of hospitality should be more alive and well in today’s world.  It seems to have become an afterthought  as people busy their lives with the “things” around them rather than the people.  Instead of asking what others can do for us, we should be asking what we can do for them.  We should be taking time to build deeper connections and more authentic relationships.

Although most of us will never be Martha Stewart (or may we want to be), we can put thought and effort into preparing our home for guests.  This won’t be the same for everyone nor should it be.   We all live differently and enjoy our own level of “chaos” so to speak.  Some may want to begin by simply making space in one room to enjoy the company of others or lighting a fragrant candle before they arrive.  If you find yourself with more time, you can have coffee made or a tasty treat set up or a hanger in the closet to store their coat.  The pineapple reminds us to keep our guests’ comfort in mind.

More important than how your home looks though is the love and kindness and attention you bring to the table – both literally and figuratively.  You can have the most beautiful home in the world but if you spend your time checking your phone while your guest sits there, you are not truly valuing their companionship.  While taking pride in your home is admirable being generous with a listening ear or a warm hug is even more important.

The next time you see a pineapple I hope it reminds you of what a wonderful gift it is to welcome others into your home…. whatever it looks like.

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