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  • Katie Zurawski

Forty Day – Forty Items Challenge

Lent is almost here for Catholics across the world. In fact, it starts on Valentine’s Day this year – Wednesday, February 14. Most people give up the typical soda, chocolate or favorite swear words.

But what about digging deeper? Trying the tough stuff.  How about decluttering our homes this year instead? And maybe by starting there, we can finally tackle that junk inside our heart too?

Head over to my Facebook page where we are completing a Forty Days – Forty Items challenge.

[spacer height=”18px”]Here is how the challenge will work:

1. I will post one type of item to declutter on each of the forty days (February 14 – March 29)[spacer height=”18px”] 2. Participants will comment in the daily post with a pic or comment on what item they decluttered[spacer height=”18px”]3. Keep items you can donate in a garbage bag to share with someone in need when the forty days are up[spacer height=”18px”]4. If you post all forty days, you will be entered in a drawing to win a $20 Target gift card (must have minimum of 10 participants to complete drawing)