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Dirty Cleaning Confessions of a Neat Freak

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Hey you. Yes, you.  Come real close. I have a secret to tell you.  But you can’t tell anyone else.  Promise?

“This neat freak hates cleaning!”

Say what?  Yes, I hate cleaning.  I always chuckle when people tell me how tidy my house looks.  If they only knew the dirt that lies beneath.  Cleaning for me is a chore. I love to organize.  I love to pretend I'm playing Tetris when I'm packing things away.  I love having a orderly fridge and neatly hung clothes…. but I HATE cleaning.

How to have a tidy house without having to clean all day

So I thought I would share my dirty little cleaning secrets.  How I cut corners to make my house look super spic ‘n span without having to invest all the time into maintaining it.  Why share my dirty laundry (pun intended)?  Because I want you to know you don’t have to spend hours a week scrubbing and dusting and wiping either.

Keeping a tidy home is much easier than you think.  In fact, cleaning less is how I keep a clutter-free home while also spending time with the family and enjoying my hobbies.  Why spend precious hours washing things that don’t need to be washed?  Save the deep cleaning for once a month or even every couple months if you are brave enough.

I must admit this list is a little embarrassing but, hey, if I can save you guys some time too, it’s all worth it! Please don’t judge me and my filth!

My Dirty Little Cleaning Secrets

  1. I often dust with the my shirt bottom.  Especially flat furniture like my dresser and TV stand.

  2. I haven’t washed my floors since I’ve moved into my new house (over two months ago).  I do spot clean anything I see and I’ve ran a duster a couple times.

  3. I use disposable wipes to spot clean the toilets and sinks in the bathroom and only when I need to.

  4. I never clean the floors before company comes – they will get it dirty anyways.  Wait until the party is over!

  5. My whole family wear the same pajamas at least three nights in a row before they go in the wash.  I ain’t got time for all that laundry.

  6. I don’t pre-rinse before putting dishes in the dishwasher. If it comes out dirty, I clean it then.  It’s like throwing caution to the wind.

  7. I never separate whites and darks in the laundry. Sure my whites aren’t white and I don’t really care.

  8. I encourage my kids not to touch glass so I don’t have to keep cleaning windows and mirrors.

  9. I take my laundry out of the dryer right away so I don’t have to iron.

  10. When the toaster broke, I didn’t replace it because I hated cleaning up the crumbs.  When we do need to toast something, we use the oven.

  11. I vacuum only every two weeks.

  12. I keep my kids clothes stored in canvas totes in their closets so I don’t have to fold them.

How much time do I spend physically cleaning a week?  Maybe 2 hours if that.  I would say though that I keep some pretty strict rules when it comes to other things.  These rules make my days less stressful and everything run more smoothly. 

Follow them and you are sure to be cleaning less yet always keeping a home which is guest-ready:

My Must-Do Cleaning Rules

  1. Put away laundry right after it’s complete.  No piles sitting overnight.

  2. Clean the kitchen after every dinner.

  3. Every bed is made in the morning.

  4. Do a quick sweep daily.

  5. Keep the kitchen counters clear of clutter.  I call it my “sacred space” in the house.

  6. ]Fill the dishwasher right away. Nothing gets left in the sink.

  7. Clean up toy messes as they are made.

  8. Everyone puts away their own stuff.  Backpacks, shoes, paperwork, receipts, hair ties, drinking glasses, books — it all needs to get put back in its place every night.

So now that I shared all my dirty cleaning secrets, do you have any of your own?




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