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A Shared Nursery Space

Do any of your kids share a room? In the new era of 3,000 sq. ft. homes and smaller families, the need for cohabitation is becoming less and less….. but not in my home.

shared nursery space

When I found out I was pregnant with my third child the logistics of where I would put everyone started swirling around in my head. I have a four bedroom home but the current extra room is where I work early hours for my freelance writing gig. I didn’t want to wake up a newborn with my keyboard clicking!

The obvious solution was to have the two little ones share a room. They are only 15 months apart so it would work for at least a couple years. With time on my hands, I set out to make a space they both could enjoy.  Here are some of my best tips on creating a shared nursery space:

Start with a Neutral Palette

My nursery is shared by a boy and a girl so keeping the color scheme somewhat neutral was important.  Gray walls was an obvious choice and works well with any type of decor.  Although I tied in pinks and blues, none of the tones I chose screamed for attention.  The decor and bedding may tie in certain colors but aren’t the main scheme (although Ms. Aubrey’s comforter is an adorable pink – couldn’t resist).

nursery crib

Keep the Furniture Simple & Similar

There are very few pieces in the nursery and only those I find essential: two cribs that convert to toddler beds, a chair for nursing, a lamp and a dresser (doubling as a changing table). I am a big fan of neutrals so the cribs and dresser are all white.  To display picture frames and memento’s, I utilized shelves I painted white and hung staggered on one wall.  A small wicker basket holds books for reading and a larger basket holds Aubrey’s stuffed animals.  That’s it – oh, besides the Diaper Genie!

Nursery Dresser

Utilize Every Inch of Closet Space

All the two littles’ clothes is kept in their small closet.  The dresser is saved for diapers, wipes, towels, lotions, etc.  I found a great cube shelving unit at a local Shopko store and use that along with canvas totes to easily store their day-to-day pieces.  I also hang a ton of clothes even sleepers.  This makes finding the right outfit that much easier.  This closet is small but fits their needs perfectly.

Shared Closet

Their Nursery is NOT a Playroom

Although we may read or hang out in there occasionally, their nursery is not a playroom.  This decision was based mainly on the space I have to work with.  Since it’s a smaller room, there is no place to store toys and I would hate to ruin their tranquility with an overstuffed room.  If you don’t have the space either consider having play areas in alternative places like the living room, family room or office (great for when you need to work).  I also allow them to play in my 7 yrs. old room although those days are getting numbered as he gets older.

Nursery Shelving

My best tip when creating your own shared room is to first remove the unnecessary.  This allows the pieces in the room to shine and leads to a happy, more peaceful space.  And a beautiful one at that.

Do you have a shared space?  What are your tips for making it work?

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