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50 Non-Toy Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

I don't know when it happened but it feels more and more like Easter is the spring version of Christmas. Since when did it become all about the gifts? No kidding my 6-year old asked for a hover board this year.

It's time to get back to an Easter that doesn't fill the home with clutter. Get back to baskets that aren't filled with little trinkets that slowly but surely take over the home.

Here are 50 Easter gift ideas for kids that won't leave you feeling overwhelmed after the Easter Bunny is long and gone.

Non-Toy Easter Ideas for Kids

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in this post may be "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Disclosure in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

1. Play-doh

You can't have an Easter basket idea list without Play-doh, right? It is the perfect consumable for little ones and even not-so-little ones. Find a great selection here.

2. Kid's Umbrella

There is something almost magical when it comes to umbrellas for kids. They love to open and close them. Find some cute ones here.

3. Rain Boots

Whether you have kids or toddlers, rain boots are an essential for the wet, muddy spring season. They have saved so many pairs of tennis shoes for me. Here are few good options.

4. Coloring Books

Coloring books are a classic. My favorite place to find them is at Dollar Tree. You can find this cute Mickey Mouse one here.

5. Gift Cards

Need ideas for the teen in your life? Gift cards are always a safe bet. Mine would love PlayStation, Fortnight or Amazon gift cards.

6. Books

A good story can transport children to another world. So many to choose for every reading level. My kids are at Level 1 and Level 2 of "I can Read"! Find the Biscuit set here.

7. Water Wow Books

I love, love, love Water Wow books. It's like painting without the mess. My kids are getting older yet still request one of these all the time. Perfect for at home or in the car. Find them here.

8. Hair Clips & Headbands

Headbands check all the boxes for me: cute, girly and practical. I like ones with lots of colors like these because they can go with almost anything.

9. Purse

There are more than ten versions of this cute unicorn purse. Girls love carrying one of these to the store or a play date. So cute.

10. Water Bottle

My kids lose water bottles on a regular basis so I wouldn't mind sticking one of

these in their Easter basket. I always opt for these metal ones - they seem less prone to get moldy than the plastic versions.

11. Binoculars

If you have a little explorer in your life, binoculars make a great gift that will serve them for years to come. Lots of color options on this set of binoculars.

12. Puzzles

Puzzles are a great option because they can accommodate any age and any skill level. Plus if you're parent that likes puzzles, they can be fun for you too - bonus! I love the Melissa & Doug large floor puzzles best.

13. Kites

Few activities feel more like Spring to me than flying a kite. My go-to place for them is the Dollar Tree because, let's be real, they last for 2 maybe 3 trips to the park. You can also check out this rainbow one on Amazon.

14. Gardening Kits

Kids love getting dirty and what better way to do that than with their own gardening kit. There's lots to choose from but I loved this sweet flower Paint & Plant one.

15. Glow in the Dark Stars

Who else remembers putting these stars on their ceiling back in the 1990's? They were and are still so much fun. Great for all ages from kids to teens. Find this large set here.

16. Sleeping Bags & Blankets

As the parent of a teenage boy, I can tell you as they get older a good sleeping bag is essential. Sleepovers, camping trips and summer camps all start cropping up requiring a good sleeping bag. You can find some great color options here.

17. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great Easter basket stuffer because they can fit within any budget. You can grab a cheap pair at Target for your toddler or more expensive one for the teen in your life. This 3-pack set for girls was just too cute not to share.

18. Bike Baskets

My daughter has this exact bike basket from Schwinn and loves it. The flowers light up and it's pretty sturdy. Baskets are a cute gift for boys and girls to add to their handlebars.

19. Bike Wheel Lights

Bike wheel lights are another fun gift that most kids enjoy. Plus they have the extra benefit of making the bike more visible and safer to ride. Make sure to find waterproof LED ones like these for long-lasting use.

20. Master a Million Toy

For some reason this is intriguing to me. Maybe because it would give something for my kids to obsess about. I can just see them bouncing this Master a Million ball incessantly.

21. LED Lights

We set up LED lights around my two little ones bedroom and they LOVE them. They choose whatever color they want whenever they want. And they are super easy to stick on the wall. If you want to cover the whole room, get this (2) 50ft pack. My kids' rooms are pretty small and one wasn't enough to do the whole thing.

22. Beach Toys

I never seem to remember beach toys until right before we want to go to the beach. It would be great to have them on hand before summer arrives. This set has everything you need.

23. Chapstick

Chapstick almost feels like lipstick for little kids so they feel like they're getting to do something special. And Lip Smackers has the cutest sets for boys and girls. Check this one out!

24. Wind Chime Kit

Wind chime kits are so cute and the kids can make one for themselves or gift it to a loved one. This kit makes a set of two wind chimes.

25. Pool Toys

Pool toys are another thing I always forget to buy before the season starts. This set has all the essentials for a day at the pool.

26. Nail Art Kits

The days of just painting your nails are over. Today's teens want to add jewels and create patterns and use all sorts of tools. This kit has it all and brings the bling!

27. Headphones

Headphones are a great option especially with kids are on their tablets more and more. I never go too expensive on a set because kids are just "hard" on headphones. This set hits the sweet spot when it comes to price and quality.

28. Sticker Subscription

My daughter was gifted a sticker subscription to PipSticks for Christmas and it is really cute. You get a ton of stickers each month plus a little booklet and post card. And so far each month she's received scratch 'n sniff stickers - so fun!

29. String Art Kit

How cool are these? I love when kids can make crafts that can be displayed in their rooms and this one looks so cute. Check out this 3D String Art kit here.

30. Swim Goggles

I'm usually not a brand name person but I got to say that Speedo is top-notch when it comes to swim goggles. And kids seem to always need another pair so why not have the Easter bunny bring a pair.

31. Exit Games

My family discovered Exit games a couple years back and we've been hooked every since. It's like an escape room in a box and perfect for quality time with the tween or teen in your life. The games are available in different levels of difficulty. If you are new to it, I would start with a level 1 or 2.

32. Mad Libs

Can we all agree that Mad Libs are always a great idea? They have been a hit for decades. Great for that 9-12 year old range. You can check out this fun dog one here.

33. Fun Jewelry

Few things are more sweet to a little girl than some fun jewelry. I thought this set for a big and little sisters was just the best. You could also look at a new pair of earrings or key chains (my kids love key chains).

34. Lowe's Build and Grow Kits

Ever since my son received a couple of these Lowe's Build and Grow kits for Christmas, he's been hooked. Kids can work with mom or dad to build their own coin bank, monster truck, bird feeder and more. These kits are just difficult enough without being too hard. Perfect for that 6-9 year old range.

35. Snack Box

I think we can all agree most teens like F-O-O-D and what's better than all the snacks in one place? This Snack Pack can be a fun alternative to the standard jelly beans and chocolate bunnies found in most baskets.

36. Rock Painting Kit

It seems a little silly to buy rocks that you can paint but it really is fun. Plus I love that you can go hide them in parks and around town to brighten other's day too. This kit has everything you need to get started.

37. Swimsuit

Swimsuits are expensive so it's great when we can gift one for Easter. Carter's now has these 3-piece sets for toddlers and babies that are just adorable.

38. Secret Decoder Books

If you have a budding spy in your family or anyone that just likes a little mystery, these Melissa & Doug Secret Decoder books are a perfect option for the basket. This kit is great for on-the-go play.

39. Sidewalk Chalk

If you are looking for something that will keep your kids outside for hours, sidewalk chalk is it. Make sure you choose a washable option and add fun ones like glitter chalk. This Crayola 64-piece set is the perfect basket option.

40. Diamond Painting Kit

Diamond painting kits are the BOMB! I love them. They are not only fun and relaxing to work on but the results are amazing. Definitely artwork that can be hung on the wall! They have kits for little kids and big kids depending on skill level. This one would be perfect for that pre-teen age!

41. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are still extremely popular for boys and girls of all ages. Keep your eye out for ones that are all-natural and have some shea butter moisturizer in them like this kit of seven bombs.

42. Bubbles

Bubbles are a classic and kids LOVE all things bubbles-related: bubble blowers, bubble lawn mowers, and bubble tools. But I hate when the bubble solution spills everywhere. That's why I loved these Fubbles that are non-spill and all fun.

43. Water Sprinklers & Slides

It can be exhausting to drag the kids to the pool all the time. That's why stuff that can be played in the backyard is so useful. Sprinklers and water slides are both super fun and affordable. This one from Melissa & Doug is a good sprinkler option for the summer months.

44. Candy Necklace Kit

I didn't even know a candy necklace kit was a "thing" until I found this one from Wilton. I love that it comes with 6 individually packaged kits so you can break them up between kids. The candy bunny is perfect for Easter.

45. Outdoor Balls

Baseballs, soccer balls, footballs - they all are fun. Our family especially likes playing kickball and rather than using a stick like we used to this Wicked Big kickball kit comes with actual bases.

46. Bug Catcher Kits

Bug catchers are the perfect gift for little explorers that like to find all the creepy crawlers. This kit comes with the critter case, magnifying glass and tweezers - everything needed to collect all the spiders and butterflies they can find.

47. Magnifying Glasses

There's something kids just love about exploring the world through a magnifying glass. They are an easy way to spark curiosity and see through a completely different lens. This 2-pack of glasses offers 10x the magnification and lots of opportunity for an up-close look at the world around us.

48. Water Balloons

Get your kids ready for summer fun by filling their Easter baskets with water balloons. It's always a smart idea to go with the ones that fill up fast and tie even faster like this set of 100 balloons that fill and tie in 60 seconds.

49. Echo Dot

My kids love playing music on the Echo Dot. It's probably the top thing they ask for in their playroom. And you buy smart bulbs so that kids can command the Dot to turn off/on the lights.. without having to get out of bed. They have kids versions of the Echo Dot with parental controls or just general ones. My kids have the basic one and it works great for their needs. You can look at all the options here.

50. Beach Bags

Don't get stuck lugging your kid's gear all around the beach. Get them their own beach bag to carry around their towel, toys and goggles. These ones are super cute and really affordable.

Easter doesn't have to be all about the gifts but a visit from the Easter Bunny can add a lot of magic and fun to this spring holiday. I hope this "50 Non-Toy Easter Gift Ideas" help bring joy to your little ones without creating more clutter in the playroom. And don't forget the jelly beans too!

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