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Why Hire a Virtual Decluttering Coach

You've committed to organizing your home dozens of times, bought all the bins you could find and compiled all the best storage hacks on Pinterest. In theory, you should be ready to tackle your cluttered piles but why isn't it happening?

You can blame it on not having enough time or not knowing the best setup but these won't get you where you want to be. They won't help you achieve the peace and calm you've been searching for in your surroundings. Maybe the answer is not what will help but who will help.

For those looking to upgrade their decluttering game in the new year, hiring a virtual decluttering coach can take your organizing ideas and turn them into reality. And even though it might be nerve-wrecking or even intimidating to seek out help, the benefits are well worth the risk.

Here are 5 reasons why you want to work with a virtual decluttering coach - for projects large and small.



Being a professional organizer for over 6 years, I've come to learn that many people are unaware about why they keep clutter. They are also unclear on what their organizing goals are. A coach is essential because they ask the right questions to help you find clarity. Things that you may have never thought of before can be uncovered by working with someone looking from the outside in. And finding clarity is essential to finally tackling the clutter.

If you aren't sure what you want to do or how to get started or why you keep that collection of old text books, look to a professional to ask the right questions and find the answers.



If you're having trouble kicking off your organizing project, it's probably because you don't have a clear focus. Knowing what your first task should be and where you should spend your time are both essential steps to getting started. Finding focus is a process that a coach can facilitate and help with. They can work with you to narrow down what you really need and want to accomplish.

Some say FOCUS is the ability to selectively ignore that which does not matter. While we are decluttering our stuff, it's just as important to declutter the ideas and projects swimming around in our heads. Let a coach help you find clarity and a clear picture of where you are heading.



Did you know there's more to decluttering than just picking up things and putting them in a box? There are a ton of strategies, tricks and tips to make the task of organizing easier. But you don't know what you don't know. Coaches can help you create a decluttering tool kit of skills you'll have forever. These strategies not only help you declutter more efficiently and effectively but also make the process more fun and satisfying.

I love to share with my clients different games, tools and methods they can use for their current and future projects. Learning these lifelong skills can be a HUGE benefit for those wanting to create lasting change.



Are you stuck on what to buy to organize your space? This is a step that stumps so many people. They know they need something but they don't want to make the mistake of buying the wrong thing or not having it fit in the space. Coaches have valuable experience in designing spaces that function while also curating the right pieces to accomplish your unique goals. They take into consideration your personal lifestyle and space to find the right solutions to fit your everyday life.

Taking the guesswork out of what you should buy and where you should find it can be a huge relief off your shoulders. Rather than having to "cross your fingers" and pray that something will work, a coach will help you find the right solutions.... the first time.



Probably the most important reason to hire a virtual decluttering coach is because they offer accountability. How effective are we at accomplishing a task when no one is checking up on us? Not very. But when we have someone that will be asking about our progress, we're much more likely to actually do the work. If you want to stick to your goals, a coach can be an invaluable resource. Never underestimate the power of having someone that''ll be holding you to your word.

A good coach will typically assign 2-4 tasks for their client to accomplish before the next session. This homework is so important because it becomes the building blocks to lasting change. They help you take the smaller steps needed to accomplish your larger goals. And knowing that there is someone that will be checking up on you makes you much more likely to accomplish them.


As a professional organizer, I used to think that I could only help others if I was with them in their homes. Now I'm realizing that, while working in-person may provide immediate results, virtual decluttering coaching creates lasting change. If you want to take the next step forward in your journey, contact me today to learn more about my virtual services.


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