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5 Organizing Tools You Can Find Around Your House

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Guess what??!! It isn't expensive to organize your home. While you may think you need to run out and buy all the things, there are actually many things around home that serve the same purpose.

Rather than spending lots of money on organization products, check out these ten low cost substitutes!

Don't throw that shoe box away! Your first instinct may be to get rid of it, shoe boxes can be used in many different ways. From corralling your cords to organizing your pens & pencils, shoe boxes can be a big help. Check out this post for more ideas!

Tiered trays are all the rage right not. And they come in so many materials from metal to wood. Trays can also help you stay organized. They can be used for jewelry, spices and even fruit. Check out this post for more ideas!

Mason jars aren't just for canning. And not just used in the kitchen. They can be used all over the home. From brushes in the bathroom to pencils in the office, the mason jar possibilities are endless. Check out this post for a great tutorial!

Who would have thought that something so small could be so useful. Paperclips are for more than just paper. In fact they can be great to use around the rest of the home too. From organizing cords to keeping your ear phones tangle-free, paper clips are a cheap, easy solution. Check out this 8 paper clip hacks that are so smart!

Who new recyclables could be so much fun? Tin cans can make the perfect storage for pens and pencils or even makeup brushes. Just peel off the label, wash them out and glue some pretty paper around the outside. Check out this tutorial to make your own pen pots from Torie Jayne!

There you have it! FIVE organizing tools that you can find around the house? Which one will you try first?

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