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Why the Internet Is NOT a Magic 8 Ball

We all have our own struggles. Some of you may be on my site because your house is full of clutter. Others want to find a new career, get out of debt or improve their marriage. When you find yourself desperate for a solution, you also become desperate for a solution.

Why the Internet is Not a Magic 8 Ball

So what do we turn to for answers?  The internet.  Like you, I have found myself in these moments of despair.  I want to make a change but I simply don’t know what to do.  I start typing into Google.  I browse blogs, Pinterest, even Facebook for the answers.  I patiently wait for that Aha! moment when it all becomes clear.  And I never find what I am looking for.

The Internet Is NOT my Magic 8 Ball

I realized through the years that the Internet is not my Magic 8 Ball. I can’t simply “shake” up my searches and all of sudden have all the answers.  In fact, going online almost always makes my desperation even worse.  I start comparing myself to others and seeing prime examples of everything I am not.  I get sucked into the abyss that the tabs of social media site after social media site provide.

When these times of uncertainty come, it can be hard to do much besides search online, but I have found that doing is much better than researching.  Sure, I can look at great storage solutions on Pinterest all day but it’s not going to get my clutter under control.  I can read blog after blog about new abs exercises but it’s not going to give me a rock solid 6-pack.  And I can read parenting articles until I am blue in the face but it isn’t going to all of sudden make me Betty Crocker.

Real Solutions Take Hard Work and Action

The real secret to unlocking your heart’s desire is to start taking action.  Not tomorrow, not next week, but today.  Trusting your inner intuition to begin the hard work that is necessary to achieve lasting results.  It’s not easy but really is anything worth doing every easy?

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Whenever I feel like something is out of reach, I ask myself one simple question: “How do you eat an elephant?”  The answer is always the same: “One bite at a time.”  Small steps taken every day towards a goal is how great things are achieved.  It takes discipline to keep going even when you don’t feel like it, motivation to get you through the lows and drive when you think you have nothing more to give.  It’s easy to type away on a keyboard.  It takes true grit to turn inspiration into action.

But What If I Fail?

Oh, but what if you fly?  You will never know if something is achievable until you try.  Are you willing to give up on your dream because of a fear of failing?  There are only two choices you can make: to do or to not do.  There really is no in-between.  Make a choice and stick it through to the end.  Your heart will tell you when the time is up.

Go Wherever the Road May Lead

What I love most about taking action is that it often leads to unexpected results.  We find ourselves growing, learning and changing as we start making progress.  Where we end up is often bigger and better than what our initial goals were…… but only if you put in the hard work.  And the time spent on the Internet is only distracting you from the tough stuff ahead.

If life has you stumped, don’t turn to the Internet for your answers.  Trust me, you won’t find your answers there.  You’ll only find them in your heart.

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