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The One Question I Ask Myself Every Morning (and You Should Too)

Do you ever feel like you are getting nowhere in life?  The days are slipping by fast and all the big dreams you had are feeling like a distant memory.  Maybe you have a project you want to accomplish or a passion you want to pursue.  You want to finally clean out the garage or start scrapbooking or find time to meal plan.  But how do you get there?  If you are waiting for your dreams to just hit you in the face you’re in for great disappointment.

The One Question I Ask Myself Every Morning

In the past year, I have started to make my dreams a reality.  I finally lost the last of the baby weight (and then some).  I have started my own blog.  My husband and I accomplished the big job of transforming our backyard and making it our oasis.  I even started a YouTube channel with my son, Lucas.  How did I tackle all this while still keeping a somewhat clean home and my sanity?  I start every day with this simple question:

“How can I make today great?”

We all know what makes us “feel good”.  What our recipe is for success.  For me, it’s all about habits.  I follow pretty stringent habits that I accomplish every day.  Yes, it takes discipline but it also makes me happier when I do them.  When I set myself up for success, I am successful.  Plain and simple.

      Here’s a snapshot of how I make my day great:

I eat my healthy go-to breakfast.

For me that healthy breakfast is Red Mill Oat Bran with almonds, raisins, cinnamon and brown sugar.  I also try to get my vitamins in including a prenatal (for breastfeeding), an iron supplement and a vitamin c supplement.  Eating the oat bran fills me up and sets the stage for healthier eating the rest of the day.

I get dressed early

I have found that few things zap my energy for tackling tough tasks than being in my pajamas. I try to get dressed by 7 am.  I also dress my kiddo’s right away before any of us head downstairs for breakfast.  “Dress for Success” is more than just lip service.

I eat my frog before lunch.

Have you ever heard the term “eating your frog”?  It’s a simple concept.  The “frog” is your most important task of the day.  It is typically something I don’t want to do whether because it’s complicated, not enjoyable or I have put it off for so long that it seems not achievable. But accomplishing that big task can be a huge momentum builder for the rest of the day.  Many experts suggest eating the frog first thing in the morning but I often have my consulting work to do before the kids wake-up.  For me, making sure it gets done before lunch is just right.

I make time for the “FUN”.

Life goes by fast especially when you are working all day long.  Make sure to take time each day for some fun.  I like to scrapbook and once a week or so I pull out my supplies and get a layout complete.  It makes me happy and gives me an energy boost to tackle all the other things that are not so fun.  Getting outdoors is another great fun activity that can boost energy as well as exercise.  And, if you are a parent, making silly time with your children not only brings laughter and joy into the home but can create lasting memories for you to cherish.

I incorporate quiet time.

The power of stillness and quiet cannot be over emphasized in my book.  Whether you meditate or pray, clearing your mind to allow for your heart to speak is one of the best ways to unleash the greatness from within.  I am a woman of faith so reading my daily scriptures and spending quiet time with the Lord is how I invite greatness into my everyday.

I consider the small steps I can take.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  And neither are the many great accomplishments of those who inspire us.  Big dreams are realized through small steps taken daily that support the ultimate goal.  Ask yourself what small things you can do today to work towards your larger dreams.  They may seem inconsequential at the moment but, when looked back upon, those incremental tasks were the stepping stones to life’s greatest accomplishments.

I don’t make excuses.

Life is all about choices.  And your day is filled with millions of them.  In fact, the average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions daily.  You are a product of your daily choices, your daily activities, your daily life.  I don’t want to look back at my life in regret.  Therefore I don’t let myself make excuses.  I don’t let myself put off until tomorrow what I can accomplish today.  And I don’t let myself be convinced that there is a better time or place to do something I could do right now.  No excuses = no regrets.  I give it my all each and every day. Why? Because I deserve my best.

I double-dog-dare-you to start asking yourself daily  “What can do to make today great?”  You may be surprised by the answer.  Feel free to comment and share your big goals and the steps you are taking to accomplish them.  Or, if you aren’t there yet, let’s work together to make them happen!

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