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The Best Minimalist Blogs to Follow

Curious about minimalism?  Are you ready to dip your toes into living with less?  Reading others experiences with a minimalistic lifestyle can be inspiring.  Learning from those that have gone before can show you that it’s possible.  And following a good minimalist blogger can provide the tools and secrets you need to implement it into your own everyday life. 

The Best Minimalist Bloggers

In recent years, the minimalist movement has really taken hold in the US and across the world.  People are realizing that chasing the fancy car, the big home and the latest gadgets isn’t the best use of their one and only life.  Days pass by too quickly to be working 40+ hours to buys things we never even wanted in the first place.  A simpler life allows the freedom to pursue one’s passions and make the most of each and every minute we have here on Earth.  This thought is what has drawn me to living as a minimalist (well, a minimalist in my own definition).

When I first became interested in minimalism, I turned to the best sources I could find on the subject – fellow like-minded bloggers.  Their posts were inspiring and influential to my journey to living with less.

Here are a few of my favorite minimalism blogs:

Becoming Minimalist – This is the first blog I read that offered ideas about simple living.  Joshua Becker shares many personal stories that resonate with his readers while offering basic ways to implement minimalism into your life.  His book “The More of Less” is a must-read for anyone considering decluttering their home and life.

The Minimalists – Quirky, funny and smart are all words to define The Minimalists – two guys who have really fueled the movement.  Joshua Field Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus offer amazing podcasts that cover topics such as debt, mindfulness and more.  Their newest project, a documentary entitled “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” has been shown in theaters across the US.

Zen Habits – The founder of Zen Habits, Leo Baubata, is an inspiration for us all.  In December 2005, he was an overweight, stressed-out smoker who wanted desperately to discover a better way to break his bad habits.  Through incremental and deliberate steps he completely transformed his life and now offers his blog as tool to help others do the same.  His website, which now has over 2 million readers, offers simple tips on topics such as decluttering, motivation and healthy living.

I hope you take time this weekend to explore more about the minimalist lifestyle.  It’s not just living in a barren home with only a footstool and light bulb.  It’s about creating the life you have always dreamed of by removing the unnecessaries that can take it over.

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