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The 10 Best Spice Organizers

If you enjoy cooking from home (or even if you don’t), you probably already now the importance of a good spice collection. But those many bottles can be so hard to tame. They seem to never fit in the space and leave the kitchen looking cluttered. If you short on space, a good organization tool can work wonders for your cooking endeavors.

These smart ways to organize your spices are not only good to look at, they also offer some much needed spice bottle wrangling. They may even keep you from buying the dreaded duplicate spice (been there, done that). Here are some of my most highly recommended spice organizers:

#1 Slide-Out Drawer Rack



I love this compact swiveling design because it displays all your spices at eye level even from an upper shelf or cabinet. Customize with different size unit ranging from 12 to 30 full-size jars.

#2 Spice Gripper



These grippers are the easy, affordable way to hold dry ingredients, oils and more in your cabinets. You save prime real estate by utilizing the extra space on the back of the cabinet. Properly secures up to 36 spice containers.

#3 Cabinet Caddy



Want a 90º view of your cabinet? The handy Cabinet Caddy gives you just that. Rotate for a quick view of your stock. This set evens come with adhesive labels so you can quickly identify spices saving you time.

#4 Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack



For a sleek look to your spice storage, check out this acrylic rack from The Container Store. These clear jars with custom labels are held in an easy organizer you can use on any open shelf. Sure to make your spices insta-worthy.

#5 Revolving Countertop Spice Rack



SALE $31.99

Looking for your standard spinning spice rack. This tabletop version doesn’t disappoint. Added bonus: The 16 containers come pre-filled and you get free spice refills for five years!

#6 Adjustable Drawer Organizer



For a quick fix to rolling spice bottles, try this tiered clear plastic organizer. It expands to fit your exact width and the angled levels make it easy to find the right spice. Also comes in white and black.

#7 3-Tier Spice Organizer


This modern 3-tiered spice rack fits into any tight space, Step organizers have been a favorite among those looking to maximize their vertical space. Non-skid pads keep the unit in place. Comes in a pack of two!

#8 Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer



SALE 79.99

Looking for a more high-end way to organize your spices? This genius design can be installed into any underused cabinet space. Mounting hardware is included and you can opt for two size attachment: 5- or 8-inch door.

#9 SpiceLiner Spice Drawer Liner



Soft foam is used to keep these spice bottles in place. A budget-friendly way to store spices, these liners are trimmed to fit easily with a basic kitchen scissors. Another reason why I love them is that there is no permanent mounting or installation required.

#10 Glass Test Tube Spice Storage Set



Test tubes can be used for more than just experiments in a lab. This clever way to store spices is both fun and functional. And since cooking is basically like a home experiment, we think this set is perfect for all your storage needs.

Organizing and storing spices doesn’t have to be ugly or boring! There are options at every price point to make all your spices easy to find, simple to store and still looking good. Which spice organization solution would you pick?

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