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Super Simple Cleaning Tip – How to Clean Up Big Spills

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

If you have a child of any age or maybe even more than one, you know that big spills are bound to happen. In fact, if you got a dollar for every day you had to soak up a glass of juice or a puddle of water you’d be a millionaire in no time flat.

A super simple trick to clean up big spills in the kitchen and dining room

There is little doubt that spills are a fact of life. Even if you don’t have mini-me’s running around, we, adults, have our own fair share of exploding soda cans and tipped-over wine glasses (hopefully of the white variety).

How do we typically do handle these accidents? If you are like me, I used to grab about 10 paper towel sheets and would start sopping up the mess. Then I’d  carry the dripping pile straight to garbage can.  It seemed wasteful, ineffective, and expensive!  I would go through a whole roll of paper towel every two days.  Have you checked the prices on those rolls these days?  They are expensive!

About a year ago, I came up with a better solution.  One that I could easily do, that was effective at cleaning up the mess, and was virtually free to incorporate.

I started keeping a bath towel in my kitchen drawer.

I rolled up my oldest towel (aka the one with the most stains and frays) and nestled it in a drawer near my dining room and kitchen.  Now when spills happen I don’t need a ton of paper towels.  I simply grab my towel, sop up the mess, and throw it straight into the washing machine.

This solutions is great because:

  1. It’s simple, this literally takes one minute to set-up

  2. It’s free, most of us already have a spare towel lying around somewhere

  3. It’s effective, towels quickly absorb any mess

  4. It’s environmentally-friendly, no matter wasting paper towels

Since adopting this new “clean-up action plan”, I find myself less frazzled when spills occur.  I just get my towel, clean the mess and go on with my day.  Keep in mind though that if your kids are extra messy, you may need to keep two towels on hand!

Let me know if you try this super simple cleaning tip and how it worked for you!

Use a towel to clean up spills
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