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Know the Difference

Know the Difference

One of the greatest opportunities we have in life is the ability to become whoever we want to be.  The gift to write our own story (and our own ending).  When we accept our faults as “forevers” we are limiting the endless possibilities this lifetime has to offer.

There are many times in my life when I have chosen to NOT accept who I was in the past.  I use to not care about health or fitness or the benefits of exercise.  For the last four years, I have changed how I view myself.  I started going to the gym, running and even started a YouTube channel with my son focused on exercising with kids.  I turned my “I can’t be healthy” into “I am a healthy, fit person.”  I am now in the best shape that I have been since high school… nearly 18 years ago.

I have also told myself “I can’t stop procrastinating.”  I vividly remember those long college nights cramming in a 20 page paper before it was do the next morning.  I learned to established new habits to begin breaking large projects into smaller goals.  I now find working towards a big accomplishment easier than ever before…. without any last minute scrambling.  It makes the process more enjoyable and the end result even sweeter.  Today and always I will chose not to let procrastination to creep in.

We sell ourselves far too short when we say “I can’t” far more often than we say “I can.”  We also demonstrate to our children that giving up is acceptable.  That if something doesn’t come easy enough, it isn’t possible.  That hard work isn’t worth it.  If something is important enough to you, the hard work and discipline it takes to accomplish it is always “worth it.”

The next time you want to say “I can’t” instead say “I can and I will”

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