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How to Use the 10 Minute Productivity Trick in Your Own Life

Recently I shared on the blog a productivity trick I have used for years to tackle any big dream.  You can read more about it here. It is by far one of the best ways to be more productive breaking larger projects into smaller, more manageable tasks.  As I starting getting feedback from the post, I had one of those magical “aha” moments (thank you, Oprah, for the memories).

How to Use the 10 Minute Productivity Trick to Accomplish Any BIG Project

I realized that these projects aren’t just about accomplishing that one specific goal.  It is so much more than that.  It is about feeling like you are in control of your own life.  It is about gaining more momentum and positive vibes into the everyday.  Challenging yourself to use the 10 minute trick to get whatever that monkey is off your back offers more benefits that you can ever imagine.

The Damaging Effects of Putting Off Projects

I truly believe that putting off projects causes damage to so many aspects of your life.  It can drain your energy as you think about it day after day, hour after hour.  You feel less positive about your own self-control and self-worth.  You can be disappointed with yourself for not getting “it done”.  And, most importantly, having things hanging over your head makes other activities less joyful and fun as you allow those lingering thoughts to weigh on your mind.

The Positive Results of Increased Productivity (and how easy it is)

When you begin applying the 10 minute trick to your life, the results can be almost instantaneous.  Most often, the fear of how long and strenuous the project is can be far worse than it’s reality.  We literally make a mountain out of a mole hill.  By planning a strategy for tackling the task, we begin laying the groundwork for success.  This in and of itself can be hugely empowering.  You begin to feel in control of your destiny.  You have a clear path to follow.  And, even if you hit bumps in the road, you have a map you can reference to get back on track.

Most importantly, when you increase your productivity using the 10 minute trick you welcome more joy and peace into your life.  I don’t know about you but when I have something hanging over my head, it drains me. I don’t have as much energy.  Things I usually enjoy just aren’t as fun.  And my outlook on life is less than rosy.  Don’t let these projects rob you of any more happiness. Take back the control today!

A Road Map for Productivity Success

I often receive inspiration from my Facebook followers (by the way, you can follow me on Facebook by clicking here).  Recently a dear friend asked how she could accomplish the BIG job of finishing her teaching license.  Now this is no small task… it takes studying and time and dedication.  I owe this special lady a lot since she was the driving force in helping my family pay off over $28,000 worth of debt in just 18 months (read more about that here).  I wanted to create a road map that she could follow to finally get that teaching license under her belt and off her mind.

Below you will find my plan for this friend but please know that this can be applied to anyone.  Just change the subject to what applies to your own life.  It could be used for massive projects such as remodeling your home or small things like organizing your closet.  It is all about your approach.

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I encourage you try the 10 minute trick on whatever is draining you of your time and energy.  And, Ms. Dawn, thanks for the inspiration.  You are already a phenomenal teacher not to mention an encouraging friend!


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