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Pokemon Go & Making the World a Little Better


I often wonder what we as a nation, as a human race, could accomplish if each of us took a simple step towards a common goal. For years, I have taken my son on “clean-up” trips to our local parks and playgrounds. We bring along a plastic baggie with us and fill it up before we leave. It’s a simple way to make the world a little better.

On our walk this morning, I was thinking about the newest craze to hit pop culture, Pokemon Go.  How could we use Pokemon Go for good?  Our little trips to “clean-up” jumped into my head.  Imagine if each person took a bag of litter home with them each time they went out to game?  What kind of impact could we make at beautifying the neighborhoods we live, work and play in?

Scared of germs?  Well, I would say “Get over it and wash your hands when you get home?” But you could also use rubber gloves or a garbage grabber along your route.  When you get home, simple recycle what you can and throw out the rest.  Let’s not only declutter our homes but also the parks, forests, streets and fields we surround ourselves with.  They deserve a little TLC too!

Lucas & I discuss more on this topic on our YouTube channel. You can check it out here.  Until we see you again, Happy Pokemoning!

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